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Highlights of 2020 for Forever-Hibernating

 A worldwide pandemic? Couldn't have predicted that!

There's no escaping covid-19 news. The new norm of face masks, social distancing and an abundance of hand sanitisers has made 2020 a year of practicing strict levels of hygiene. It would be a strange and memorable time to reflect back on in 20 years time- unless we are hit by another pandemic.

Lockdown has presented itself as a challenge for various aspects of life from wellbeing to mental health, from careers to education. Yet- there are a couple of things that deserve a notable mention. I feel like the dynamic of society has unconsciously shifted where people have become more caring and making that extra effort. The transition to working from home has pushed the concept of flexible working a reality. It has built a society more resilient to change, adapt and mindful of others. 

 1st Class graduate

A personal success of 2020 is that I have graduated with a 1st class Marketing Management degree from the University of Lincoln. It's weird, I cannot pinpoint when my education journey ended- it was a random Wednesday. Graduation ceremony still pending. 

Mac Loud and Clear Highlighter in Hot Damn-Oiselle D'avignon

Mac Loud and Clear Highlighter, Mac Highlighter, Highlighter for Asian Skin, Limited Edition Mac

 I was lusting for this highlighter for ages because of the unique simplistic packaging as well as the gorgeous warm peachy hue.

Project Pan during a PAN-demic

Another uneventful return to the blogging world whilst trying new things. The gif shown above was a little experiment that I had  undertaken during the lockdown period where I vowed to learn new things. Who would have thought that 2020 would be the perfect year for a Project Pan pun. 

Ironically, there are very few empty makeup pans from my initial post. I realised that with the directed method of project pan it restricts me too much which causes an avoid response. Now I celebrate every pan that I hit regardless on whether it was in my project pan list. 
Pandemic project pan

Healthy Balance Powder | Bourjois 
Over this period, I have been foregoing foundation and been using concealer and this powder. I used to think that this powder was excellent at doing it's job and that the shine glistening on my forehead is from my base makeup etc. Imagine my surprise when I used my Innisfree Powder on a recent trip and I was completely matte with the same base makeup. This has made me come to a conclusion; it's good but not that good.  

Project Pan 2020- Mindful Buying

Etude House, Innisfree, Dr Jart, Korean Makeup Empties, Bourjois,

We're back!

This blog is seeing another project pan in 2020, I think it is a great way to use up makeup and skincare whilst promoting mindful spending.

As consumers, we are experiencing a marketing overload encouraging us to buy new products because they feature the latest technology, nicer packaging or a one-off special edition. It creates a need with urgency leading to many impulse purchases and many other things being neglected in my collection.