Hong Kong Haul 2015

I'm back and i'm ready to do this.

My recent trip to Hong Kong has been one of the shorter ones due to awkward timings. Most of the trip was spent revising even if i'm on 'holiday' but in between revision and family I had the pleasure of going shopping.  
The pictures below show some of the things that I have accumulated from Sasa and Duty Free

  • Benefit Hoola bronzer- I've been longing for this bronzer for a while and when I saw it in Duty Free it was literally calling me to buy it. 
  • Benefit That Gal primer- I first tried this primer from a little sample box that I got given last year and I instantly fell in love. It gives a perfect base to go under my Bare Minerals foundation with a delightful raspberry scent.  
  • Bare Minerals Original Foundation- This is the first Bare Minerals foundation that I have ever tried and boy, am I surprised. I love the light coverage it gives and the more you buff it into your skin, the more flawless you look. 
  • Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB- This was a gift from my auntie who works in Sasa and she heard I was on a quest to find the perfect BB/CC cream and she kindly gave me this. 
  • Esteny Refining Body Spray- Where have you been all my life?! As a sufferer from bacne I'm always open to new remedies and soothers which will helpfully calm my back and this, my friend, is one of the best things to be invented. After a week of spritzing this magical product onto my back I've noticed that everything is a lot calmer and not as irritated. 
  • Koji charming kiss liner (deep black)- Eyeliner is love. Eyeliner is life.
  • Fairydrops Quanttro mascara - People have been raving about this, so I wanted to know what the hype is and whether it would tame my stubborn eyelashes. 

I either have an abnormally thick neck or people in hong kong just have very very small necks because when I tried to fasten it, I knew there was no way in hell it would connect so I went scavenging in my drawers in hope to find a longer cord and thankfully I did. It would have been a shame if I couldn't wear this adorable star necklace. 
How freaking cute are those pairs of earrings! I can't even comprehend  taking it out of the packet. 

Have you got any tips to improve my blog or have you tried any of these products?
Let me know in the comments