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Checkered Shirts Are My Weakness

Although some may say checkered shirts make you look like a lumberjack, I am in the majority of those who think checked shirts are kick ass. The few photos of myself on this blog is always featuring some sort of checkered shirt because they are a staple in my wardrobe. I can divide my wardrobe to different checkered shirts; Summer checkered, autumn checkered, winter checkered- basically I'm all checkered out for every season.

All my shirts are made from thin/ sheer material therefore I've been looking for a thicker material to brave the biting coldness of winter. After searching high and low for the perfect thick checkered shirt until finally this treasure was nestling in the mens section in BHS waiting for me to take it home.

I've always had this perception that BHS was a shop for the more 'mature' ladies and gents. Every time I go in with my mum, I could say that seeing a cluster of teenagers is a rare rare sight- rare enough for David Attenborough to document it. I really think more teens should go into this shop more as it has good quality reliable clothing.