Korean Travel 2016 | A few hours at Seoraksan National Park

Guess who's back after a mini hiatus after each post which seems to be a trend on this blog but I recently transferred my holiday photos onto the computer and I'm getting reminiscent of this trip already.

When you think of Korea, people often think about the hustle and bustle of Seoul with it's booming beauty and fashion trends where a shopping-lover would mistake it for paradise or a foodie may get overwhelmed with all the different streetfoods and eating culture where everything is instagram-worthy but I often think the natural face of Korea is neglected. Through this small snippet of my trip, I was able to appreciate nature and where my tour guide said it would be a 'cleansing experiencing'.

Project Pan #2 | Am I ever hitting pan?

Happy New Year!
This is not a success story, this is how I epically failed my project pan (here) after a year. Enjoy!
Solar Powder Bronzer | Soap and Glory  (80% Bronzer finished)
Bronzers are a daily necessity especially in the summer when I want that sun-kissed glow or contoured jaw line so sharp it can cut diamond. To put it simply, I enjoy my bronzers. On the first edition of this project, I had already hit pan on this product. This time round you can see a large broad bean shaped pan showing on the bronzers meaning there has been steady progress. 

I barely touch the highlighter as it's dark when I don't have a tan which is 95% of the year meaning there has been little progress as I only use it in the summer.