Collection Fast Stroke VS. Collection Extreme 24hr Felt Tip

Eyeliner has become a daily staple for my makeup, it's the first item I wore and will be the last. Somebody needs to make sure that when I'm on my death bed that my eyeliner is on point or I'm going to cry in my after life.

This comparison made between Collection Fast Stoke and Extreme 24hr Felt Tip can be called the Battle of the Budget Liquid Eye Liners (quite a mouthful). Everybody who loves a good jet black liner would more likely than not have one of these in their collection. However, I've noticed that the Fast Stroke get a lot more love on the web than my beloved 24hr felt tip which I have been religiously using for years.

To compare the performance of the liners, I picked a typical school day and drew my cateyes with fast stroke on one eye and 24hr on the other and conducted my not-so-scientific-experiment.

A Little Motivational Speech From A Movie

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Nowadays, I've been more acquainted with disappointment than ever before. So, more often than not, I need to get a little pep talk and some motivation to carry on.

Before sixth form, I've never really met the harsh and hostile reality of disappointment. Yeah, I've encountered it before but more in the terms of my favourite character dying on a tv show therefore when I got a couple of Us in my end of topic tests I just wasn't prepared for how shocking and affecting disappointment can be. At times like these I really need to motivate myself to strive for better however, it's a lot easier said than done. Disappointment has resulted to me becoming in a stupid stump leaving me dejected and wanting to avoid confrontation with the fact that I am not succeeding.

Whenever somebody needs a little kick up their backside to help them start pursuing again they may have a go-to quote, others may even keep a recording of Kid President's speeches on their phones and mine? A movie called Accepted.