The Green Edit

I'm a person who lives for the perfect aesthetic, anything which is visually appealing attracts me like a magpie to all things sparkly. One of my favourite aesthetic is colour coordination; anything matching and complimenting each other is one of the small joys I have in everyday life. It's only logical that I create a colour themed post with products found around my household.  

The first colour edit of the year would be GREEN. Pantone is a corporation which announces the official 'Colour of the Year' and for 2017, they have declared it would be a 'zesty green'. The reasoning behind this refreshing colour explained by Pantone when they have said 'we know what kind of world we live are living in- one that is very stressful and intense. This is the colour of hopefulness and our connection to nature.". I think this is the perfect shade describing the year of 2017.