Brighton 2016 Photo Diary

Brighton Pier, Beaches, Pebble Beaches
'I shall dismiss you row by row, starting with row C'. I don't know whether I should be thankful that my exam is over or terrified because my exam is over. As soon as we scurried pass the daunting door at the end of the hall; it was officially holiday season- even if it's only a few days.
Brighton was a blissful 2hr journey away and contrary to my expectation, it was a lot more fun than I had thought. I've never really understood the appeal of travelling on trains by themselves. I find it relatively depressing and melancholy where a smile may be considered endangered in the morning crowds.

From London Kings Cross we pushed our way through the crowds some striding with intent whilst others are greedily observing the surroundings with their darting eyes filled with both adrenaline and worry. A sandwich in one hand and crisps in the other, I was content, as content as the elderly lady who sat next to me knitting with thick grey wool.

Kpop MV Review | 'Back Again' by KNK

Hi Guys!

A little introduction is needed. If you didn't know, I'm a lover of most things Korean like k-dramas, Korean makeup and Korean variety shows. A few months ago, I've delved deep into the Korean music scene and I've been immersed ever since. Some of friends would comment with a confused expression like 'Carmen, do you even understand what they're singing about', and the answer to the question is no but that's part of the beauty of my interest. Nonetheless, there's always many helpful websites with Korean to English translations therefore I don't see the problem and whatnot. Enjoy;)

*DISCLAIMER: All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own therefore it may not be the same as others.
Artist: KNK 
Song: Back Again
Album: Awake
Released: 1st June 2016

Knk is 'Back Again'. After their initial debut back in March with their song 'Knock' introducing themselves as the tallest idol group with the average height being 6.1 ft which leads us to wonder what they eat to gain that impressive height. 

I'm a massive fan of Knk's V-apps as shows how genuine and funny they are behind their music and allows us to connect with the members more therefore, if you haven't already, I suggest checking them out on Youtube for Eng Sub. 

My Interpretation of The Lyrics and M/V
From the title 'Back Again', we can already assume that the m/v and song is going to be about going back in time to change the past.