Liebster Award

I was honoured enough to be nominated by Mads to do the Liebster Award. Thankyou:)

REVIEW: Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB 24

This BB dream was first featured in my Hong Kong Haul post where my auntie had bought me this in my quest to find the perfect base. I have postponed using this product until recently due to the fact that my skin was getting tanner which meant it didn't suit the tone and I feel like now, it's the most perfect time for this product. The change in season has taken a toll on my skin, it's become dry and flaky which makes achieving the flawless base has become that little bit more challenging.

Let's Begin Again

Here's to new beginnings. 

A new layout, a new mindset. I want to approach this blog with a whole new work ethic and really polish this little hobby that I am passionate about into something which is truly beautiful.

My 9 favourite songs from Teen Wolf

Confession time! Teen Wolf is my guilty pleasure.

I'm a religious follower of Teen Wolf and all of it's cast members are my kings and queens. I had themed my GCSE graphic design project on this show, I even have a teen wolf fan account on twitter, the cast is my desktop background. To put it simply, I'm a massive massive fan of Teen Wolf.