A Korean Makeup Haul and some more 2016

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This summer I had the opportunity to go to Korea for 5 days. I assure you a travel diary is coming soon but, I've just been too lazy with all things school and ucas! 

I'm going to keep this post relatively brief with the product descriptions and whatnot as I'm planning to do the reviews on separate posts once I have tested out over a longer period of time:)
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It would be daft of me not to buy the infamous BB cushions from where they were first invented so I bought a few. 

REVIEW | Dear Darling Water Tint by Etude House

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Korean makeup  and skincare is taking over the world from 10 step skincare routines to cushion foundations. One thing I know is that the Korean skincare/makeup industry is doing something right to produce these amazing products.

When I took my little trip to Korea I saw that the Korean makeup trend is the gradient lips. I've heard people describe this look as lips which had just sucked on a bright lolly pop achieved by concealing away the lip line which focuses the colour at the centre of the lips supposedly to give an innocent look.

A Mini Pre-Holiday Haulin'

It's summer holiday season and I've taken a cheeky trip to some high street stores to buy some totally unnecessary yet, totally necessary things that spark my interest.

Most of these items would be diving straight into my suitcase which would lugged around South Korea and Hong Kong for the next 3 weeks. I hope you're prepared for a travel diary in the near future :)

Best Budget Highlighter | MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder

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This beautiful highlighter only cost £3.00 in the shade 'Pink Shimmer'. MUA also offer 3 other colours which are 'Radiant Cashmere', 'Opalescent Amber' and 'Iridescent Gold' available at Superdrug.

~ MUA (Make Up Academy) is a brand which doesn't test on animal that aims to provide a high quality product whilst remaining a low costs. They create their products so that they are 'easy but also fashion forward' so that it would suit our needs. ~

Brighton 2016 Photo Diary

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'I shall dismiss you row by row, starting with row C'. I don't know whether I should be thankful that my exam is over or terrified because my exam is over. As soon as we scurried pass the daunting door at the end of the hall; it was officially holiday season- even if it's only a few days.
Brighton was a blissful 2hr journey away and contrary to my expectation, it was a lot more fun than I had thought. I've never really understood the appeal of travelling on trains by themselves. I find it relatively depressing and melancholy where a smile may be considered endangered in the morning crowds.

From London Kings Cross we pushed our way through the crowds some striding with intent whilst others are greedily observing the surroundings with their darting eyes filled with both adrenaline and worry. A sandwich in one hand and crisps in the other, I was content, as content as the elderly lady who sat next to me knitting with thick grey wool.

Kpop MV Review | 'Back Again' by KNK

Hi Guys!

A little introduction is needed. If you didn't know, I'm a lover of most things Korean like k-dramas, Korean makeup and Korean variety shows. A few months ago, I've delved deep into the Korean music scene and I've been immersed ever since. Some of friends would comment with a confused expression like 'Carmen, do you even understand what they're singing about', and the answer to the question is no but that's part of the beauty of my interest. Nonetheless, there's always many helpful websites with Korean to English translations therefore I don't see the problem and whatnot. Enjoy;)

*DISCLAIMER: All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own therefore it may not be the same as others.
Artist: KNK 
Song: Back Again
Album: Awake
Released: 1st June 2016

Knk is 'Back Again'. After their initial debut back in March with their song 'Knock' introducing themselves as the tallest idol group with the average height being 6.1 ft which leads us to wonder what they eat to gain that impressive height. 

I'm a massive fan of Knk's V-apps as shows how genuine and funny they are behind their music and allows us to connect with the members more therefore, if you haven't already, I suggest checking them out on Youtube for Eng Sub. 

My Interpretation of The Lyrics and M/V
From the title 'Back Again', we can already assume that the m/v and song is going to be about going back in time to change the past. 

REVIEW | Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion


Korean skincare is taking over the world like a storm and I thought what better way to start of my korean inspired skincare routine than introducing the holy essence. It's no secret that I'm a massive fan of korean dramas and kpop, I'm always left in wonderment when their skin looks so damn perfect- glowy, smooth, small pores, plump af. Have you seen Song Joong-Ki's youthful glowing skin! ( Sorry if you don't watch korean dramas but, I strongly suggest you do, as they are my undoing)

What is it?

If essences are a completely foreign concept in your skincare routine then here is my basic definition of it.

An essence is a hybrid between a serum and a toner. It is advised to apply after cleansing and before moisturiser acting like a base layer (primer) for the moisturiser and encourage better absorption of any treatments applied later on.

Dear Series | An Introduction

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Happy Friday!

This is a short post to introduce you to a new series which I will occasionally be write about which is the 'Dear' series.

To tell you where this idea had come from, I would say I got inspired by the author Jenny Han who writes captivating books like the 'summer' series, despite reading it years ago, it still remains as one of my favourite books. I would definitely recommend this anyone who is looking for a good summer romance where the author makes you fall in love effortlessly as well as any of her other books as her writing does not disappoint.

However, to be specifically clear where the inspiration sparked its the 2 book series 'To All The Boys I Loved Before'. The idea of writing letters to people, recording all your thoughts and feelings where things may have been left unsaid attracted me to it and here I am, writing this post lol.

As a person, I wouldn't say I'm vocal about my feelings and thoughts but since writing this blog, I've started to realise that I enjoy expressing myself through the medium of words moreover than voicing my own as I feel awkward and embarrassed. Hopefully through this series I would be able to convey my inner thoughts which clouds my mind at night and write some letters to them.

I hope you enjoyed my little introduction to this series and I'm looking forward to writing these letters in the future:)

Life Update #1 | Work, work, work...

The plague of exams are spreading and there are countless victims of teens and young adults trying to cram as much information into their brain possible and trying not to combust whilst inhaling caffeine like there's no tomorrow. 

Over the last few months I've pushed blogging to the back of my mind as the onslaught of exams are coming at full force and sadly, I'm not immune to them. As a result, I've been spending a lot of time procrastinating revising in hopes that I would have a longer memory span than a goldfish. 

BOOK REVIEW | Soldier by Julie Kagawa

Soldier by Julie Kagawa
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A little message to myself would be:

As expected, Kagawa wrote another killer book! When I first saw the cover, it was truly majestic. Excitement was already coursing through my veins but, at the same time I was a nervous wreck with the anticipation of the story to continue.

Oh boy, this novel was a massive roller coaster of emotions at one point I was reaching the heavens and the next, I was in a ditch. All the feelings from excitement to frustration started bubbling and brewing and after reading the last page, I was emotionally and physically exhausted as I had read it in one sitting. After every page, I just wanted more, I needed more. In contrast to the previous book in the series, this novel progressed significantly in terms of the plot.

Un-hauling | Childrens Books

Illustrations, fairytales

I have a serious problem of hoarding books! I can't refuse a good deal in a charity shop when it's 3 for £1.50- I mean how can't say no to that bargain as well as helping a charity. Over the years, I have accumulated quite the collection from teen fiction to classics to children's books.

My mum often hints at giving away some of my books however, I like to say I have selectional hearing and feign ignorance whenever she mentions the idea of giving away books. But recently, I have accepted that I need to give away some of my books as some of my new residents for my book case are being shoved into any possible gap seen.

BOOK REVIEW | Say the Word by Julie Johnson

Say the Word by Julie Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Say hi to my newest addition onto my favourites shelve:)

If I had time, I would have read the entire book in one sitting- it was that good!
This book had been sitting in my library for quite some time, I always skimmed past it when deciding on my next read but this time I thought 'why not' and took the plunge. It was one of the best decisions I've made at 1:20 at night.

Collection Fast Stroke VS. Collection Extreme 24hr Felt Tip

Eyeliner has become a daily staple for my makeup, it's the first item I wore and will be the last. Somebody needs to make sure that when I'm on my death bed that my eyeliner is on point or I'm going to cry in my after life.

This comparison made between Collection Fast Stoke and Extreme 24hr Felt Tip can be called the Battle of the Budget Liquid Eye Liners (quite a mouthful). Everybody who loves a good jet black liner would more likely than not have one of these in their collection. However, I've noticed that the Fast Stroke get a lot more love on the web than my beloved 24hr felt tip which I have been religiously using for years.

To compare the performance of the liners, I picked a typical school day and drew my cateyes with fast stroke on one eye and 24hr on the other and conducted my not-so-scientific-experiment.

A Little Motivational Speech From A Movie

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Nowadays, I've been more acquainted with disappointment than ever before. So, more often than not, I need to get a little pep talk and some motivation to carry on.

Before sixth form, I've never really met the harsh and hostile reality of disappointment. Yeah, I've encountered it before but more in the terms of my favourite character dying on a tv show therefore when I got a couple of Us in my end of topic tests I just wasn't prepared for how shocking and affecting disappointment can be. At times like these I really need to motivate myself to strive for better however, it's a lot easier said than done. Disappointment has resulted to me becoming in a stupid stump leaving me dejected and wanting to avoid confrontation with the fact that I am not succeeding.

Whenever somebody needs a little kick up their backside to help them start pursuing again they may have a go-to quote, others may even keep a recording of Kid President's speeches on their phones and mine? A movie called Accepted.

The Mens Checkered Shirt

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Checkered Shirts Are My Weakness

Although some may say checkered shirts make you look like a lumberjack, I am in the majority of those who think checked shirts are kick ass. The few photos of myself on this blog is always featuring some sort of checkered shirt because they are a staple in my wardrobe. I can divide my wardrobe to different checkered shirts; Summer checkered, autumn checkered, winter checkered- basically I'm all checkered out for every season.

All my shirts are made from thin/ sheer material therefore I've been looking for a thicker material to brave the biting coldness of winter. After searching high and low for the perfect thick checkered shirt until finally this treasure was nestling in the mens section in BHS waiting for me to take it home.

I've always had this perception that BHS was a shop for the more 'mature' ladies and gents. Every time I go in with my mum, I could say that seeing a cluster of teenagers is a rare rare sight- rare enough for David Attenborough to document it. I really think more teens should go into this shop more as it has good quality reliable clothing.

The Not So Little Pimples of Insecurity

Even the most confident of people have bundles of insecurity wedged deep deep inside themselves. It's just that they don't show it to the world.

At school, I'm probably the most smiley person you would meet and I rarely let anything get to me aside from the usual Monday blues. But during the more quieter times like the morning, when I'm brushing my teeth and when I look in the mirror, I just want to hide.

REVIEW: Vera Wang Lovestruck Eau de Parfum

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4 Types of Makeup Users

1. The Perfectionist
This person is an individual that makes us all turn into the green-eyed monster. They have the perfect winged eyeliner and their eyebrows are on fleek 99.9% of the time. Sometimes you may even get lost staring at their flawless makeup.

#Project Pan

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Ohh my unfaithful heart, let's start your journey of makeup celibacy.

This year I thought it would be great idea to give some of my forgotten products in my drawers as well as my purse some love that they deserve. Even though I don't really wear too much makeup, just the staple winged liner on a daily basis. I've seem to have accumulated quite the abundance of makeup since I just hoard more and more makeup that I don't even need. As soon as I'm near a makeup stand my eyes become glazed and I am literally possessed with the need for makeup and before I know it, I've already at the checkout handing my money over.

2015 in Review

I'm truly amazed how quick a year just goes past. At the start, it always feels like a year was more like a 100 years but suddenly, you're in December and you're like fuck... where did the year go.