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Review | Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream

I'm a Innisfree skincare advocate. They have many skincare lines which target different problem areas and concerns whilstusing natural ingredients sounds like a winner for me. 

From the pictures above, you can already seen how much I've used and I am loving every little bit of it. Innisfree claims that the Jeju orchids are packed with anti-oxidents and neutrilising agents which will combat the negative effects that daily life has on the skin- mainly targeting anti-ageing.

Travel | A New York Fairytale

Long overdue travel post of my not-so recent trip to New York with my business studies class for an 'educational' trip- that's what they always say. 

Days were fully packed and schedule so we used our time most efficiently so there was little time to truly explore since we were there for education however, here are a few touristy pics that I was able to snap up.  
Jetlag, excitement and awe was experienced at this moment. We arrived at night so we could hardly appreciate the concrete jungle but after a night of resting, I was eager to open the curtains for New York to welcome us so I scrambled to the window with my camera in hand- waiting for this moment. Even though this photo isn't the most beautifully taken or the best quality or has the best composition, it is one of my favourite image from the trip because of this moment. 

Photo Diary | The Golden Hours That Caresses Tsim Sha Tui

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This is the first post in this new series of photo diary posts that I am going to write in the future. I have been finding it very hard to sit down to compose any literate piece of writing, and if i do- it lacks sincerity. 

Yesterday, I captured a few photos at Tsim Sa Tui when I spent a few hours just listening to music then had a realisation that it would be perfect to create a mini series highlighting special moments in the beauty of life. 

So let's set sail to a new era of Forever-Hibernating! 
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K-Movie Review | Architecture 101 - Enroll me into Architecture

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The main reason which initiated me watching this movie last night was the opening scene from Radio Romance where Kim Soo Hyun's character says:

We were all somebody's first love. You, and you too. During that time, we were all a boy or a girl in love, and we could have been someone's first love.Dear listeners of Mi Nu's Happy 6pm, today, Wrap it up. Are you ready to go back to when you were someone's first love?"

Those lines really struck me and I guess, here I am, writing a not-so-review-like review.