Author Appreciation- Paige Toon

This blog post is dedicated to the founder of my Contemporary Romance addiction-Paige Toon.

*sighs* Can we just admire these book covers for a while. I know many people are going to critcise me by judging a book by it's cover but don't you think it adds to the overall impression of the novel? The combination of images, the colour scheme, the title can send little thrills up your spine and add to the excitement.
I can confidently say that Toon is one of my favourite authors. She has a way with words that truly captivates you wholly and solely into the novel. Her writing certainly does not disappoint. On many occasions I have devoured her books in one sitting which is quite significant considering each book has around 300 pages. I have so much trust in her writing that, I don't even read reviews before buying any of her new books because I know that her writing will be fabulous.

 All her characters are so beautifully written that I've unknowingly grown attachment to all the characters in her books. She writes the most likable characters which makes me want to be best friends with them in real life.If you have read a handful of Toon's books then you will soon realise that all the characters/books are interlinked in one way or another. For example in Johnny Be Good, Johnny's PA is Daisy in Chasing Daisy. At first, when I found this theme is continued throughout her books I was mind-blown, I would even class it as an epiphany.  

'You can't always wait for fate, you have to step in'
Chasing Daisy
One of my first. One of my favourites.

It's only fair that I write a little paragraph on my favourite book by Toon. I found this little gem whilst I was browsing in a charity shop looking for some DVDs to add to my unhealthy collection of Tv shows and I stumbled across this beauty. I had no expectations for this book, I bought it because I liked the blurb and additionally, the cover is cute.

The perfect time to read this book was when I went to stay in Birmingham for a few days with hopes that it would entertain me on the strenuous train journey. I was consumed into the story. Was it the funny characters, the exhilarating F1 track or constant use of Italian swear words or was it Toon's magical writing and her ability to pull me into the story?

I still remember that moment. In that moment I felt really content with life. I was reading this book in a coffee shop in Birmingham which oversaw some beautiful architecture near the bull ring. With a grande mug of Mocha and a good book, I felt really content with life at that moment. That may be the reason why this book is the most memorable and holds a special place in my heart.

I was honoured enough to get this copy of 'Chasing Daisy' and 'The Sun in Her Eyes' signed at a waterstone event in London. Although they were addressed to me, sadly I couldn't meet Toon herself because I had my GCSE exam on that day, so I entrusted my brother with this masterpiece and he came back with an irreplaceable treasure.

Speaking from the bottom of my heart, with the most sincerity I could muster, I would say if you have not read any of Toon's novels, I suggest you go to your nearest Waterstones and hunt for one!

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