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Korean makeup  and skincare is taking over the world from 10 step skincare routines to cushion foundations. One thing I know is that the Korean skincare/makeup industry is doing something right to produce these amazing products.

When I took my little trip to Korea I saw that the Korean makeup trend is the gradient lips. I've heard people describe this look as lips which had just sucked on a bright lolly pop achieved by concealing away the lip line which focuses the colour at the centre of the lips supposedly to give an innocent look.

I thought it would be opportune time to buy a lip tint whilst in Korea. Nearly all Korean makeup brands have brought out lip tints with many offering a similar shade range. I brought this in Myeongdong where the whole street was lined with makeup and skincare shops where some had 2 shops on the same street which was quite overwhelming. Upon entering the cute pink Etude House shop almost all the sales assistant were wearing some variation of lip tints either a gradient or an all over application.

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The tint can bleed into fine lines shown through the swatch above therefore when applying you should be careful around the lipline because you don't want to unintentionally look like the joker. This means that this product can lack precision however, if you apply this by using the wand you  should focus it at the centre of the lips and slowly dab out to the edges by using fingers which creates a soft lip line.

Once applied it's a beautiful bright pop of colour as it translates well onto the lips. The tint dries quickly and provides a relatively long wear but over time the vivid colour start to fades to provide a more subtle berry colour. Like most lip products, it's understandable however, it does stain the lips shown in the picture above which was taken after 6hrs of wear. 

There were multiple types of tints in Etude House, I chose the water tint as I thought it would be the least drying one as it's I right? But on the contrary, it's fairly drying so it would be a nice idea to wear lip balm before application.

When experimenting I've tried the gradient lip by using my cushion foundation to conceal the lip line  but I found that my lips look a bit lost so I'll be applying this tint fully to the lips. As I was putting it into my makeup drawer I noticed that this water tint by Etude House reminds me of the Benetint by Benefit. Aside from the obvious difference of the tint shade, the effects are fairly similar therefore I would definitely recommend Etude House if you would prefer a much more affordable option. 

Overall: 8/10 

Are there any other lip tints that you would recommend or would like to try? Comment below~

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