The Not So Little Pimples of Insecurity

Even the most confident of people have bundles of insecurity wedged deep deep inside themselves. It's just that they don't show it to the world.

At school, I'm probably the most smiley person you would meet and I rarely let anything get to me aside from the usual Monday blues. But during the more quieter times like the morning, when I'm brushing my teeth and when I look in the mirror, I just want to hide.

REVIEW: Vera Wang Lovestruck Eau de Parfum

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4 Types of Makeup Users

1. The Perfectionist
This person is an individual that makes us all turn into the green-eyed monster. They have the perfect winged eyeliner and their eyebrows are on fleek 99.9% of the time. Sometimes you may even get lost staring at their flawless makeup.

#Project Pan

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Ohh my unfaithful heart, let's start your journey of makeup celibacy.

This year I thought it would be great idea to give some of my forgotten products in my drawers as well as my purse some love that they deserve. Even though I don't really wear too much makeup, just the staple winged liner on a daily basis. I've seem to have accumulated quite the abundance of makeup since I just hoard more and more makeup that I don't even need. As soon as I'm near a makeup stand my eyes become glazed and I am literally possessed with the need for makeup and before I know it, I've already at the checkout handing my money over.

2015 in Review

I'm truly amazed how quick a year just goes past. At the start, it always feels like a year was more like a 100 years but suddenly, you're in December and you're like fuck... where did the year go.