Potatoes & Tomatoes

We're nearing the end of September which means all my garden veggies are ready to harvest. Yay!

Since I was 6 years old, I've been ritually planting veggies because it's a great bonding activity with my parents and I love seeing how the plants grow overtime to become delicious vegetables. I see the green leafy plants like they are my precious babies and it's always rewarding when you use freshly picked veg from your garden in your daily meals.

Everybody's Changing & I Don't Feel The Same

I'm a victim of change.

At the moment, I'm content with life. I've got my GCSE grades; my sixth form timetable; new colour coded stationary; some kick-ass friends and I've got enough bags of Cool flavoured Doritos to last me in a zombie apocalypse- it's perfect.

As time ticks away indifferent to the evolving world, people start to change and adapt to their new surroundings. I'm left flustered by all these changes surrounding me and admittedly, a little scared. Do I welcome change with a warm embrace or just a wary guarded nod?

When change is coming, I try to be open-minded and optimistic, we are exposed to change like we are exposed to air. On many occasions change has brought me gifts that I will truly cherish like new friends, new opportunities and new memories.

However, sometimes I just want to shy away from the ever-revolving world and just sit in my room, binge watch some trashy tv show and just have a breather. Some people wouldn't believe how tiring it is to cope with new situations and new people but before you know it, they're not 'new' anymore. They become your everyday surroundings and familiar faces that greet you with a wave or a smile.

As I enter a new phase in my life, I will be at a crossroad of change. Imagine this as if you are in the woods, clueless about where you are but you stumble upon a cross-road where the you can't see the outcome but you must choose a path. When I make one decision, it would lead me to an entirely different consequence than if I chose the other. This uncertainty can be daunting, thrilling and nerve-wrecking yet somehow, it also makes me feel excited, hopeful and a bit breathless.

Let's live everyday like it is our last, grasp every opportunity we are give and submerge ourselves in this unpredictable world of change.