Products ready for their bye byes

I've always wanted to write a post about product empties, confirming that I've finally used up the product and that my impulse purchases have been worthwhile. As a result, it has led to months of endless hoarding of empty product tubes and products destined for the bin.

You may feel like this is an inadequate amount of empties that I have accumulated but it's due to the fact that I instinctively throw finished products into the bin before I can think  about this blog post. I finally feel like it's time that they make their journey into the bin instead of hogging a drawer space where I can put other goodies, am I right?

No- Sebum Mineral Powder - Innisfree
Not entirely cheap as chips but it's still a bargain. I've already repurchased backups as the products do exactly what it's meant to do with no faults therefore it's only imperative that I repurchase this product.

Dream Touch Lumi Concealer - Maybelline
When I was getting interested in makeup, I bought this product thinking it was for spot concealing however, when i got home and plastered it onto my face I realised the product had a salmony tinge, being naive I thought the product had gone out of date.

A few month later and the discovery of colour correcting and the right purpose of this product, I was able to use it up swiftly.

AC Clean Up Cushion - Etude House

This was my favourite cushion foundation amongst those that I purchased from my haul post which I posted last year here

Wake Me Up Concealer - Rimmel

It started to smell funny, out it goes!

24hr Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate and Pink Gold
Considering there was a layer of fine dust on top of these cream shadows and I had to physically blow off the plume of dust and the cream could be mistaken as cement for your house so I think it's time to say our goodbyes.