4 Types of Makeup Users

1. The Perfectionist
This person is an individual that makes us all turn into the green-eyed monster. They have the perfect winged eyeliner and their eyebrows are on fleek 99.9% of the time. Sometimes you may even get lost staring at their flawless makeup.

On more than one occasion, I had desperately wished that they were my own makeup artist because getting makeup done by them is an absolute gift.

2. The Whizz
We all know this one person who can whip up 100 makeup hacks in a matter of minutes. Ranging from using a credit card to create the perfect wing or simply applying under eye concealer in a triangular shape beneath the eyes to help conceal and brighten. They simply have a hack for anything and everything!

3. The Minimalist
As the title suggest, they are the people who wear minimal makeup. Out of the 4 types of users that I have generically catergorised, I can almost certainly say that they will be the first person out the house ready to start their day and flaunt their minimalistic looks to the world. You go gurlll!

4. The Slob
Last but not least is the slob. Being a 'slob' is something I'm not proud of. It stems from my laziness and unfortunately, it just sticks to me not budging like my dried up foundation smears. In regards to makeup I'm a happy go lucky kind of gal.  I just slap some makeup that I'm 'feeling' that day and just hope for the best. Being totally honest, being as lazy as I am about makeup I shouldn't even be blogging about makeup but I really do enjoy doing it. The irony is real.

Can you relate to any of these or are you can you think of other types of people?

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