The ritual end of week photo. 
The weeks are whizzing past at the speed of light and before I know it, I've already completed week 3 of this programme.

This week was mainly used for planning our social action project! As a team we needed to choose a charity that we would raise awareness and fund-raise for. We chose 'The Honeypot Children's Charity'. This charity tries to give young carers the childhood they rightfully deserve, by providing them a weekend service to simply let them be just children.

It's Logic..
With our charity set, it's time to plan our event. Our group has a profound love for all things meat and sport therefore we did the logical thing which is to combine them together and Family Fun Day was created.

This event would be aimed at different types of people with a variety of stalls from hook a duck to a raffle which would suit different age groups with the main star of the event being the BBQ.

Connections. Connections. Connections. 
I guess the things we learnt from week 2 came into use earlier than I had expected. We had a session on networking and how knowing a few people, who know a few more people can help you further to your goals. I cannot stress how important these connections were, every connection pushed us a tad further and a bit closer to our main goal.

Within our group we had many different types of connections to many different types of people. It ranged from an employee at Tescos to a owner of a rugby club. By using our connections we got the venue, the food and the activities sorted.

Rejection hurts but keep on moving
One of the first aims that our team established is that it would be great if local business supported us by giving donations which will contribute to the grand raffle prize. In return, we would promote their business to people who would come to our event.

We mainly went to independent stores purely because we thought they would be more flexible and willing to donate, we also thought it would be great for them to gain some more recognition over the chain stores. Many shops welcomed the idea of donating raffle prizes to the charity and they thought it was for an excellent cause but not everything goes as smoothly as we had planned.

Managers were more than willing to promote our event in their shop windows however whenever you mention the word 'donation' you see their smile falter a little. Sometimes they just can't donate because it would be unfair if they chose one charity over another and many other reasons . It's understandable. Despite the disappointment you have to put a smile on your face and say thanks and just move on.

If you just need a break, take a break. 
I know planning an event is some serious work but we all need a little bit of fun. If not, people would start to get demotivated and not want to actively participate in the planning. We were instantly transported to our younger selves when we played games on the field which all of us hasn't played since primary school.

Admittedly this wasn't the most exciting of weeks in my NCS series  but it was necessary to ensure the success of our event for next week. So just power through and try to have fun.

 Stay tuned for week 4 of this series! 

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