Potatoes & Tomatoes

We're nearing the end of September which means all my garden veggies are ready to harvest. Yay!

Since I was 6 years old, I've been ritually planting veggies because it's a great bonding activity with my parents and I love seeing how the plants grow overtime to become delicious vegetables. I see the green leafy plants like they are my precious babies and it's always rewarding when you use freshly picked veg from your garden in your daily meals.

Garden Centre Day Trips 

I've always had a fondness for garden centres, I like to imagine that I'm stepping into a magical fairy grotto where invisible tiny fairies flutter around getting ready for the upcoming spring- sadly, this isn't the case. However, I  love seeing all the different types of plants, the fragrant smell of flowers and my favourite part of my trip is going into their little cafe for a sweet treat.

Among the vines of corporate cafe shops like Starbucks and Costa, a garden cafe is certainly a hidden gem. If you want a takeaway coffee, I would direct you to the pathway for Costa known for their convenience and variety whereas if you want a calming and comforting environment then a garden cafe is for you. .

A common misconception is that the garden centre cafes is only populated by old people. It's not true- well, only to a certain extent. On certain days, in certain parts of the area, it is filled with older people who style their salt and pepper hair with grace, there's a slight buzz among the elder looking ladies boasting about their grandchild to their friends. As you advert your gaze to the other part of the cafe, it's filled with young children who are demolishing their cake of choice and grinning at their parents with satisfaction when there's only crumbs littered on the plate.

I see going to the garden centre as a cute little trip which is ideal for families and anyone who wants a relaxing sit down coffee. It can be a form of family bonding time and it's great for kids to learn and appreciate the world around them.

Potato Love Story 

Potatoes are the most glorious vegetable to ever grace my life. They are utterly marvelous. With the exception of breakfast, they can be found in almost every meal I have. They can be cooked in a variety of ways from crunchy hash browns, chips, buttery mash and simple oven roasted potatoes- the options are endless.

In my garden I've decided to grow some Baby New Potatoes purely because they are my family favourtie. They love having it boiled and served with a knob of garlic herb butter melting onto the potatoes. Can you hear my stomach gurgling at the sheer thought of this? 

Every single year, the first veg that goes into my garden is my potatoes. They are like the easy going friend that we all have, quiet, sometimes forgotten however when the time comes, they shine in greatness. In my array of veggies, they receive the least amount of attention but has the greatest outcome. It's a win win situation. 

Growing gems

If you're a newbie to growing garden veggies, there are a few literal gems which are always a delight to grow and harvest. Carrots, potatoes, tomatoes ad cucumbers are your best friends, though they may seem a bit basic compared to strawberries and peppers but they do their job well and that's all I can as for.

Do you grow any garden fruit and veggies?

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