October Favourites

The months are whizzing past and before we know it, the beautiful month of October has said goodbye. I always enjoy this month. The golden and crimson leaves scattered everywhere, the warm colours, hot drinks- to say it simply, I'm definitely a big fan of autumn.

Some of my favourites for October are:

Garnier Micellar Water -Combination & Sensitive skin
This is my  first encounter with micellar water and I am definitely looking forward to many more encounters with this elixir. I bought this purely because it was on offer at Superdrug with the price of £2.99, it's an absolute bargain! Like many, removing makeup has become a tedious chore which I hate doing late and night however with this magical micellar water it even removes the toughest waterproof mascara I have and I am majorly impressed with how quick and simple it is. Just pour some onto a cotton pad, soak and wipe. Voila.

Fluffy Socks
The days are getting colder and my feet are turning into icicles. I sometimes think I am cold-blooded due to constantly having cold hands and feet to the point that they turn blotchy and purple therefore I need to do everything I can to warm up my feet to have the temperature resemble something of a normal temperature. I have been adding to my ever-growing collection of fluffy socks and I refuse to admit they will last me a lifetime but I declare that one can never have too many pairs off fluffy socks.

Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara  
I've been reaching for this mascara to tame my stubborn lashes. This impulse buy definitely impressed me. It really lengthens and curls your lashes. With the different sized bristles it captures every single lash and some more, it gives you both volume and length. I thing I hate about some mascaras is that when they claim to give you volume, it gives you a large volume of clumpy lashes but with this, if you give the roots of your lashes a good wiggle, behold, you will be amazed.

Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer brick- Gold Bronze (review)
The golden shimmery colours of this brick remind me of the crunchy leaves on the sidewalks and all things autumnal. This picture doesn't do it justice with how beautiful it truly is. Despite it being a highlighter, I prefer using it as eyeshadow. The different shades compliment each other really well, I particularly like the golden shimmer (3rd shade) all over the lids then darkened with darkest shade(4th shade) on the brick on the lash line. For it's affordable price and quality of the makeup, you can't really go wrong with this product.

Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi Concealer 
I use this concealer which has a pink undertone to cover up my under eye circles. Lately, I've been having late nights with little sleep it has led me to some dark dark undereye circles which could of scared away some trick or treaters. I just draw a triangular shape under my eye to conceal and brighten my dull complexion.

Music: Mirror by MBLAQ
As for music, I've taken the plunge into KPOP and let's say, I am consumed. Even though I don't follow kpop groups religiously, I like to watch variety shows (game/entertainment shows) which often feature guests therefore I was first introduced to MBLAQ on 'Hello Baby' but when I checked out their music at that time it wasn't my cup of tea but this new song and album is really the bomb. It's just different, more chilled and mellow compared to other songs and has led me to have it on repeat.

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