DIY: Easy Marble Background

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I've been reading so many makeup posts recently and they many feature this marvelous marble decor as their background or as prop in their images, it's so elegant and sophisticated it has made me quite infatuated with it.

The main shop that I have found which has marble decor is H&M Home however personally, I really dislike buying things without physically seeing it therefore I seeked for an alternative.

Trusty Wilkinsons had a selection of self adhesive film and I definitely hit jackpot when I saw a Marble Patterned Film at just £5.00. I immediately went to the checkout and purchase it. It was more cost effective getting the roll because you can use it multiple times and cover different things.

This quick and affordable DIY has really made a wonderful background for my blog additionally, its easy to clean- just wipe it with a wet tissue. Simples!

Honestly, the most tricky thing about this project is when you first wrap the plastic around the biggest surface area it can sometimes lead to those annoying air bubbles. So with bated breath, I carefully stick it on and sometimes I hard to re-stick some parts but my advice is to do it in small sections. 

Things you will need:
  • Self Adhesive Film (Marble patterned or any pattern you like)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Panel/ hard notebook cover
  • Pen or Pencil

1. Lay the panel flatly on the self adhesive film (uncut). Make sure all the edges of the panel have at least 2 inches excess in all directions and mark it with a pen. Normally there are grids on the back of the film which can be used to check whether it's aligned and cut.

2. Place the panel on top of the trimmed sheet where there is 2 inches in all directions. At each corner of the panel with a pencil, draw a straight line diagonally as close to panel as possible so that it forms little triangles at each corners and snip the corners off.

3. On a flat surface (ideally the floor or a table) peel one of the corners of the plastic slightly then lay your panel atop so that the corners of your panel, meet the edges of the film cut off (shown image 3). As you go along the surface slowly peel off the backing of the film a part at a time.

4. Once stuck on, with a ruler, smooth out any air bubbles t which may have formed by the ruler smoothing over the bubble all the way to the edge. Use the ruler to help firmly fold over the edges of the film to create a crisp edge and voila! Say hello to your new marble background.

Do you think the marble decor is a hit or a miss?  


  1. Great idea! Will use this in the future!

    Jemima x

  2. Heyyy fellow British Asian blogger ;) I just bought two rolls from Wilkos! This marbled one and the glossy white one. Thanks for the heads up about the air bubbles though :) x

    1. The rolls from Wilkos are an absolute bargain! Hope you have fun wrapping them~

      Carmen x