Collection Fast Stroke VS. Collection Extreme 24hr Felt Tip

Eyeliner has become a daily staple for my makeup, it's the first item I wore and will be the last. Somebody needs to make sure that when I'm on my death bed that my eyeliner is on point or I'm going to cry in my after life.

This comparison made between Collection Fast Stoke and Extreme 24hr Felt Tip can be called the Battle of the Budget Liquid Eye Liners (quite a mouthful). Everybody who loves a good jet black liner would more likely than not have one of these in their collection. However, I've noticed that the Fast Stroke get a lot more love on the web than my beloved 24hr felt tip which I have been religiously using for years.

To compare the performance of the liners, I picked a typical school day and drew my cateyes with fast stroke on one eye and 24hr on the other and conducted my not-so-scientific-experiment.

Clearly, by looking at the photos you can see that the 24hr tip resembles a felt tip pen whereas the Fast Stroke is like a little paintbrush with a pot of ink. When applying Fast Stroke you should always be cautious where you place the pot of ink as from experience, I can assure you that even Mr Muscle cannot remove the stain entirely

The Fast Stoke has a stiffer nib than 24 hr felt tip but when they are compared to others in my abundant collection, they just generally have a stiffer nib. This may help some of you who struggle with control as to some extent are more precise. A note that you need to make is that the Fast Stroke dispenses more product onto the brush with every dip therefore you should wipe the excess onto the rim before applying whereas the 24hr needs to be shook like a pen.

Both are budget friendly priced at £2.99 each therefore it wouldn't take a massive chunk of your bank balance.. All I can say is that this product is cheap and cheerful.

Although the extreme 24hr liner has 7.4g of product which is almost twice the amount of product in fast stoke at 3.4g of product, I feel like it runs out more quickly. However, like most liquid liner pens they all run out fairly quickly therefore it's not something I'm too annoyed about but my current pen has been lasted me nearly 2 months of daily wear *cue eyeliner party dance*.

Upon first application the liners are both very wet however, it dries fairly quickly depending on how many coats you decide to put on. If you do decide to put more layers of Fast Stroke, you definitely need to take at least 30secs for the base coat to dry or else you'll have a very streaky line.

When applied once, both liners gave an opaque jet black line and it doesn't dry to a different hue therefore it's a true black liner. As mentioned above, I tested both liners on the same day on different eyes so I can see a visual comparison between them. After a few hours wear, I noticed that the fast stroke left a crust finish like black crumbling paint but the line of the lid alongside 24hr was immaculate.

Even though I haven't tested the claim whether the 24hr liner really does wear for 24hrs, I used it for my typical day which starts at 8 and take off my makeup at 10, so that I can see whether it can withstand 14hrs of wear. At the end of the day when I went to take my makeup off you could see the both of the actual jet black liner was staying strong on my lids but sadly, the cateye flick was rubbed off which was probably due to a combination of the spitting rain as well as an itchy eye. Upon further inspection, the fast stroke flaked off at the crevices of my eyelid resulting into little black dots scattered around my eye. If this happened during the day, it can easily be solved by wiping it away with some tissues.

Although the Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner is a product which has been hyped in the blogging world which made me jump on the bandwagon too see what all the positive hype is all about but I will have to swiftly get off again and rejoin my beloved Extreme 24hr.

Fact is that they are both so budget friendly, it wouldn't hurt to have both in one's collection of eyeliners and you can decide for yourself whether you're jumping on the Fast Stoke liner or nahh.

What are some of your favourite eyeliners?

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