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This beautiful highlighter only cost £3.00 in the shade 'Pink Shimmer'. MUA also offer 3 other colours which are 'Radiant Cashmere', 'Opalescent Amber' and 'Iridescent Gold' available at Superdrug.

~ MUA (Make Up Academy) is a brand which doesn't test on animal that aims to provide a high quality product whilst remaining a low costs. They create their products so that they are 'easy but also fashion forward' so that it would suit our needs. ~

First thing that I want to state is that I've never been a massive fan of highlighter. I mean I've never gotten into the hype of highlighting the cheek bones or the tip of the nose or the cupid bow therefore you imagine my confusion when I encounter the word 'strobing'. Whenever I've applied benefit cream highlighter it was so hard to blend the edges on my dry patches so the highlighter didn't sit well on the skin.

Can we talk about how beautiful the embossing is cause it's damn fineee. The packaging has a simple design with the product encased in white plastic bottom and a clear lid that pops open. Although the packaging ins't jaw-dropping I think it's a minor thing considering you're only paying £3.00.

If you can see my obscure tan line from my watch, I apologise in advance but at this current moment, I am fairly tanned therefore the contrast created between my skin and the highlighter is more stark. As my face is paler than my arm, the highlighter gives a subtle sheen on the top of your cheeks when you angle your head a certain way creating a beautiful highlight. 

As a newcomer to highlighters, I picked the most natural shade which would be easy to work with as hypothetically there would be less room for error. This highlighter doesn't have little specks of glitter therefore it's just a glowy iridescent sheen and I like that it isn't too pigmented as it's always better to apply more then to remove excess highlighter.  

Overall, I am very impressed with MUA with their budget price and quality product, I don't think it can get much better. Since writing this post, I've been using this highlighter over the last few weeks whenever I wear makeup and I haven't even scratched/dented the embossing despite using it frequently therefore I am fairly happy with my purchase:) 

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