Where I've Been or Where I've Not Been lol

I'm currently sitting in the sixth form common room, tapping out my overdue thoughts and feelings onto my neglected blog in order to procrastinate, even if only for a few minutes.

T'is the season of exams and revision. Like all other a-level students I've been trying to revise diligently by sticking to my revision time table- but reality always turns out differently when there is a revision timetable so I've been following it loosely-very loosely. I honestly think I have underestimated how hard sixth form was going to be. Nowadays, I'm not even surprised if a person just starts having a breakdown in the common room. If you haven't had a breakdown, you have not experienced the life of a true sixth form student with the ongoing stress and time is not your friend.

This very very small post is an update to where I've been, with sporadic posts here and there, you can see that I am the prime example of poor time management. Nevertheless, this update is about finally finishing my exams next week and as the countdown to summer gets smaller and smaller, the grin plastered onto my face gets bigger and bigger much like a child marveling a new toy. After all the breakdowns and stress filled weeks, you can say it's fianlly sigh of relief that I can finally see the end point. 

Hopefully by the end of this summer, I have organised my life a bit better than I have now lol

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