Let's Begin Again

Here's to new beginnings. 

A new layout, a new mindset. I want to approach this blog with a whole new work ethic and really polish this little hobby that I am passionate about into something which is truly beautiful.

A Learning Curve 

I've always wanted to reinvent myself; to improve, to learn, to develop to the best of my ability. Like many, I want to strive for perfection however, this is more challenging said than done. I'm at that awkward adolescent stage of my blog where everything seems a bit awkward but with my best efforts, I've slowly started to change and perfect this blog.

I would make little tweaks to certain aspects like changing the structure of my writing, the photography, the style. All these little changes will hopefully accumulate together to make a blog that you would like to read and in the future, something you can look forward to.

The Layout 

I bought this new layout from this Etsy account which sells the most sophisticated and chic blog layout designs at an affordable price. She offers a wide range of styles so that you can choose a layout which suits the overall impressions you want to give your readers.

At first I was a bit hesitant when buying this, I had all these inevitable questions floating in my head like 'Will it work?', 'What if it's too complicated?', 'Will it look like something I want'. The reviews regarding the seller were all very positive so I went ahead and bought it and it does not disappoint. A feature that I really like with this layout is that it's customisable therefore you can change it to your own personal preference.

There's nothing that I can really fault about this seller and their product. If you are just starting a blog and need to bump your aesthetics up I would definitely recommend this to you.

If there are any tips and improvements which can be made to this blog, I would love to hear from any of you in the commets. 


  1. I love this new layout of yours, it's simple yet chic. Loving your blog! x

    1. Thankyou so much! I'm so happy that you are enjoying this blog:)