BOOK REVIEW | Soldier by Julie Kagawa

Soldier by Julie Kagawa
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A little message to myself would be:

As expected, Kagawa wrote another killer book! When I first saw the cover, it was truly majestic. Excitement was already coursing through my veins but, at the same time I was a nervous wreck with the anticipation of the story to continue.

Oh boy, this novel was a massive roller coaster of emotions at one point I was reaching the heavens and the next, I was in a ditch. All the feelings from excitement to frustration started bubbling and brewing and after reading the last page, I was emotionally and physically exhausted as I had read it in one sitting. After every page, I just wanted more, I needed more. In contrast to the previous book in the series, this novel progressed significantly in terms of the plot.

It's truly magical how Kagawa could whisk up such a wonderful story especially with an outstanding character development on Garrett. It may be the understatement of the year when I say I love Garrett, but he makes me go all 'heart eyes' on him- If ember doesn't want him, I volunteer as tribute. Every time I read Garrett's perspective, I felt my heart squeeze and suffocated, all this sadness and heartbreak laced within his narrative is truly destroying.

I really enjoyed the changing narrative perspectives as it gave me a better insight of each character and what they embody. As I've mentioned previously, Ember wasn't my favourite character, her narratives were annoying due to her always being so indecisive and when she did make a decision, I would give a big hooray! However, I do understand that her narratives are necessary to convey her torment between her dragon and her human thoughts.

One thing that I would like to see more in the next book would be to see more of Dante. At the moment, I feel like he's a bit out of the loop despite him playing a significant role in the latter of the series.

To put it simply, I loved this boo and I am so pumped for the next. Bring it on #soldier !!

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