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I have a serious problem of hoarding books! I can't refuse a good deal in a charity shop when it's 3 for £1.50- I mean how can't say no to that bargain as well as helping a charity. Over the years, I have accumulated quite the collection from teen fiction to classics to children's books.

My mum often hints at giving away some of my books however, I like to say I have selectional hearing and feign ignorance whenever she mentions the idea of giving away books. But recently, I have accepted that I need to give away some of my books as some of my new residents for my book case are being shoved into any possible gap seen.

I sorted my abundant collection based on the idea whether I was going to read them again and how much would I really miss it. Some of the books that I have decided to donate to my local charity are unread whereas some are well-loved by a 7yr old Carmen.

When sorting through my books, I felt an array of emotions bubble to the surface. When I read some of the blurbs and I was reminded of the stories and characters they hold, it really made me miss my younger years of reading. Upon reflection, I realised my appreciation for books started later than most of my friends and I was really uncultivated in the world of childrens book as a) I couldn't read them b) my parents couldn't read them. However, once I could read to a certain degree of fluency as well as understanding my love for books just blossomed.

I definitely recommend donating some of your books as it will clear up some space, help a charity as well as giving the book another chance to enchant somebody with their stories and characters.

1. The Jolly Postman or Other People's Letters by Janet & Allan Ahlberg
2. Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur
3. Camp Rock- The book of the Film
5. Losing the Plot by Annie Dalton
6. Calling the Shots by Annie Dalton
7. Fogging Over by Annie Dalton
8. Jack Sweettooth The 73rd by Malorie Blackman
9. Dirty Bertie -Worms! by Alan MacDonald
10. Ruby the Red fairy/ Amber the Orange fairy  (2 in 1) by Daisy Meadows
11. A Triple Threat of Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon
12. A Helping of Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon

Good luck to all my books at their new homes, it was nice reading you~
Do you have a guilty hoarding habit- what's your weakness? 

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