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A little introduction is needed. If you didn't know, I'm a lover of most things Korean like k-dramas, Korean makeup and Korean variety shows. A few months ago, I've delved deep into the Korean music scene and I've been immersed ever since. Some of friends would comment with a confused expression like 'Carmen, do you even understand what they're singing about', and the answer to the question is no but that's part of the beauty of my interest. Nonetheless, there's always many helpful websites with Korean to English translations therefore I don't see the problem and whatnot. Enjoy;)

*DISCLAIMER: All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own therefore it may not be the same as others.
Artist: KNK 
Song: Back Again
Album: Awake
Released: 1st June 2016

Knk is 'Back Again'. After their initial debut back in March with their song 'Knock' introducing themselves as the tallest idol group with the average height being 6.1 ft which leads us to wonder what they eat to gain that impressive height. 

I'm a massive fan of Knk's V-apps as shows how genuine and funny they are behind their music and allows us to connect with the members more therefore, if you haven't already, I suggest checking them out on Youtube for Eng Sub. 

My Interpretation of The Lyrics and M/V
From the title 'Back Again', we can already assume that the m/v and song is going to be about going back in time to change the past. 

The first impression I got from the translated lyrics as well as the video was that the main character (Seungjun) has recently experienced a breakup with the girl in the mv. The main character was likely to regretted the breakup and wants to go back in time to find out where everything went wrong before it becomes unfixable shown in 'You're getting further away'.

The internal conflict show in Seungjun's rap (image above) 'I miss you, I hate you' conveys his confusion on his decision on whether he wants to go back in time which can show how he hates the girl for inflicting pain on him however, he also misses her. The confusion can be further supported by using a tilting shot which can show disorientation of the situation. 
We are given an idea about their breakup through the lyrics of 'your cold words make me freeze'. This shows how it was the girl who had inflicted pain upon him which can portray that it was a toxic relationship however, he continues to want to go back in time to feeling loved which can show he feels consumed by love. 

Most of their dancing takes place in an underground tunnel, featuring all 5 members as a whole group. The underground tunnel is less vibrant than their other sets and shows a darker side which can represent the sadness and emotions.

To demonstrate they are getting further away from each other physically and metaphorically they have used the shot above which shows the main character floating which can suggest that he is getting so consumed with the feeling of going back that he can't comprehend reality.

In the image above, it is one of the last scenes of the M/V showing all the member sitting/ standing isolated from one another, staring into nothing. Despite being in a room full of people, it still has the ability to show their loneliness. They're stillness within the shot supports the lyrics 'so I will be waiting right here' showing how they are like stuck in time until she comes back. 

Short Review
In KNK fashion there were many full length shots which showcases their impressive height, emphasising on the fact that they are tall, I mean seriously tall. As for transformations, there hasn't been any significant changes except from You Jin styling his hair differently and dying their hair a lighter shade of brown as they have kept their classy and sophisticated style.

Some of their choreography vaguely resembled the choreography from 'knock', at this moment I'm not to sure whether it's intentional as it's only their 1st comeback or that they have the same choreographer. With most of their dancing taking place in an underground tunnel it looks interesting by adding depth to the video however, I need to point out I'm not dancing expert therefore I'm randomly reminded of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I think it's just me haha)

It seems like Seungjun has taking the role of the main character of the storyline in the M/V and all the other members contribute to the overall song therefore all the other members are featured when they sing their own part and dancing as a group collectively. I've noticed that within the song, the lyrics are repetitive therefore it may become boring but it has a strong chorus emphasising on 'Back Again'.

I really loved the set in the room, it was so hauntingly beautiful with the moss and cracked interior which could be seen as a metaphor for their broken selves. I feel like this set goes in conjunction with the subtle fairytale concept with the pricked rose and the levitating characters. My least favourite set/shot would be the vibrant geometric background with the tilt, yes, it does make it more edgy but I feel like it wasn't necessary. 

Although I do like the mv and KNK, I do have to admit that I prefer the mv for 'Knock' moreover than this one. Some have said that the song follows a more traditional older kpop beat which I can understand therefore I'm not really amazed with the mv or the lyrics. My favourite song in 'Awake' album would be 'I'll Try' (4th Song).

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

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