Brighton 2016 Photo Diary

Brighton Pier, Beaches, Pebble Beaches
'I shall dismiss you row by row, starting with row C'. I don't know whether I should be thankful that my exam is over or terrified because my exam is over. As soon as we scurried pass the daunting door at the end of the hall; it was officially holiday season- even if it's only a few days.
Brighton was a blissful 2hr journey away and contrary to my expectation, it was a lot more fun than I had thought. I've never really understood the appeal of travelling on trains by themselves. I find it relatively depressing and melancholy where a smile may be considered endangered in the morning crowds.

From London Kings Cross we pushed our way through the crowds some striding with intent whilst others are greedily observing the surroundings with their darting eyes filled with both adrenaline and worry. A sandwich in one hand and crisps in the other, I was content, as content as the elderly lady who sat next to me knitting with thick grey wool.

 As we were in Brighton, it's only obvious that we visit the lanes- North Laine and The Lanes. The closer and closer we got to the lanes, the more and more the arts flourished. The word 'Graffiti' can be seen as having negative connotations however, I believe that graffiti is a form of expression which let's artists showcases their passion for arts in an unconventional way. I'm sure if we go back hundreds of years ago, artwork was printed on walls. But I do understand why some people perceive graffiti negatively.

 I remember the first piece of art that I encountered left me breathless. Every stroke was made with passion and intent, trying to convey their feelings through the mode of art. I truly wanted to capture every single piece of graffiti in Brighton but there are so many hiding in the little nooks and crannies of Brighton that I cannot possibly do this task. 

If shopping is on the top of your agenda, then Brighton does not disappoint. You could do so much, there were both mainstream and independent shops therefore it's the best of both worlds. Although there were tons of different shops, personally I didn't purchase much on this trip which was surprising as I had expected I go a tad mad on shopping. Instead, I just really enjoyed walking down the lanes and taking in the area. 

The weather had thankfully blessed us for the few days that we were in Brighton. For someone who's never been sun burnt, you can imagine my surprise when every single crevice of my showing skin was sun burnt despite putting a tad of sun cream on. Lesson learnt lads is to always wear suncream.

From the photo above, you can see that Brighton has a  pebble beach which was somewhat difficult to walk on and sometimes uncomfortable to sit on however, once you rearrange the pebbles to suit your bosom needs it's relatively comfortable considering you're sitting on pebbles.

When thinking about beaches, the first thing we think about is getting into the water. The sea sloshed lazily onto the beach and at times, the crests rolled onshore enticingly luring you 
into the sea. Those who gave in to temptation ran into the sea with eagerness but was repaid with sharp screeches induced by the deceiving waters. Instead, I was the person who sat on the beach laughing at my friends eagerness and smiled at the beautiful scene of reckless youth before me.
Finally, the last photo in this blog post is a picture of the whole Brighton Gang. Despite being a bit sore, exhausted and sun burnt, you can see the happiness radiating from our smiles and I sincerely hope we have another trip like this as a whole gang:)


  1. Brighton looks so lovely and you took some really nice photos!! I’m desperate to go there one day

    Hannah xx

    1. You should definitely go there one day in the future- another place for a checklist of places that you should visit in your lifetime:)
      Thanks for reading x