Project Pan #2 | Am I ever hitting pan?

Happy New Year!
This is not a success story, this is how I epically failed my project pan (here) after a year. Enjoy!
Solar Powder Bronzer | Soap and Glory  (80% Bronzer finished)
Bronzers are a daily necessity especially in the summer when I want that sun-kissed glow or contoured jaw line so sharp it can cut diamond. To put it simply, I enjoy my bronzers. On the first edition of this project, I had already hit pan on this product. This time round you can see a large broad bean shaped pan showing on the bronzers meaning there has been steady progress. 

I barely touch the highlighter as it's dark when I don't have a tan which is 95% of the year meaning there has been little progress as I only use it in the summer.

Dandelion Blush | Benefit (40% finished) 
After using it several times at the start of the year, I decided to reorganise my daily stash of makeup products meaning this little guy was left  forgotten in my drawer so to some extent there has been no progress on the blush. 

Fit Me Powder | Maybelline (60% finished)
This powder has stayed with me throughout the whole of last year as I've been taking it with me to school meaning it's the main powder I reach for at school and considering I spend most of my time at school it means that I've seen the most progress.  As a self- proclaimed powder hoarder, you can imagine my happiness when I'm actually minimising my over extensive powder range yay!

No7 Eyeshadow in Wheatsheaf (30% finished)
My makeup preferences have changed since the start of the year. Nowadays I tend towards pinks and rosy colours therefore I've change my base shadows for a stronger burgundy colour.  Another factor which may explain my little progress is the fact that I've been gifted and bought eyeshadows palettes where all the colours are already in one place therefore I'm more likely to use the colours within the palette then reach for single shadows. 

Smoulder Kohl in Black and Brown ( Unfinished) 

In autumn I vowed I would use this eyeliner more however, the pencil had become too hard and patchy upon application. This meant that I had to apply it more roughly and it started tearing at my eyelids so i thought it was time to say goodbye to this product.

Facefinity flawless 3 in 1 foundation | Maxfactor ( Finished) 
I finished this foundation around midyear as I was mixing this with other bases to create a lighter base or using it by itself to create a fuller coverage which made it very versatile. I was very happy with this product and now I'm considering on repurchasing. 

'That Gal' (Finished) & 'Porefessional' (90%)-Benefit 
This year was where I found out the importance of primers. Previously, I hated using primers and I found out where my faults lie which was apply too much. I used to slather my whole face with a massive blob of primer but now, the tiniest smidge of primer gives a perfect base. 

Lip Conditioner- Shiseido (Finished)
I finished this product since March therefore I've been stocking it in my drawers hahah. There's not much to say about this product, I guess it's like any other lip balm but in a fancier metal tube.  

Lady Gaga Fame Perfume (60% finished) 
I've only used it a few times as I like changing my scents depending on the season and my mood. It seems that my instinct reaction was not to choose this scent. 

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and now it's time to start kicking ass in 2017 :) 

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