Korean Travel 2016 | A few hours at Seoraksan National Park

Guess who's back after a mini hiatus after each post which seems to be a trend on this blog but I recently transferred my holiday photos onto the computer and I'm getting reminiscent of this trip already.

When you think of Korea, people often think about the hustle and bustle of Seoul with it's booming beauty and fashion trends where a shopping-lover would mistake it for paradise or a foodie may get overwhelmed with all the different streetfoods and eating culture where everything is instagram-worthy but I often think the natural face of Korea is neglected. Through this small snippet of my trip, I was able to appreciate nature and where my tour guide said it would be a 'cleansing experiencing'.
From this image you can see that there are cable cars which take you straight up to the top of the mountain but sadly, I was unable to take them due to time restraints:(

Even if this mountain is a tourist hotspot, it still unveils the history of the past through the fantastic architecture. I'm a massive fan of old Asian architecture with the vivid colours and intricate designs showcasing the skill and care in constructing each building. The overall effect of each precise detail produces a beautiful building which stands the test of time.

I hoped you all enjoyed some of the photos that I took on this trip and I definitely recommend if any of you who are planning to go to Korea to go visit some national parks and experience nature at it's finest. 

sidenote: I also found out the struggle of actually being in pictures whilst wanting a specific shot, so there's only a handful of pictures involving myself on this trip haha

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