Wall revamp

Plain white walls can look so boring and bare. I decided to add a bit of character and flare to the dull looking walls around my desk, in hope that it will make my desk space a happier and possibly an inspirational place.

I got a majority of these postcards from Paperchase and many of them were on offer at 30p per card but normally they are priced at 60p per card.  I absolutely adore the 'Meow do you do?' post card, it's cute, witty and a cat- A winning combination.

The 2 postcards at the bottom are from trips that I have been on so you can remember some of the fun times you had. On the left is a postcard from PGL in 2011 and on the right is a postcard from Universal Studios in Singapore.

It's a fun activity to scour shops for some postcards or some cute prints, it's like you're a Pirate looking for treasure. Every time you visit some place new, buy a post card and before you know it you will have a wall full of memories and fun.

Do any of you collect objects  to add to your growing collection? 


  1. Your wall looks so pretty! Mine is covered with revision posters at the moment but once I've finished my exams I'll decorate them and make it look nice.

    Jemima x

    1. You are literally the sweetest person by taking your time on reading and commenting on my post:)
      Good luck on your exams ~