What's In My Prom Clutch

It's prom season and out comes the clutches. Being a first time clutch user I had no idea how much you could fit in this sleek bag and apparently not a lot. If the clutch was secretly Mary Poppins bag, it would have been so much easier. So gather all your necessities and off we go.

First and Foremost I packed my prom ticket which will let you into the event. The night before, I had to search for my ticket in my messy room and thank god I found it otherwise I wouldn't be allowed in!

Next thing in my clutch is my phone- I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It takes up a significant space therefore I can't fit my usual purse into my clutch, I had to compromise and just put some notes inside my phone case because that phone goes with me everywhere because I go on social media and take some kick ass pictures with my friends, so it would be convenient and it would be in a secure place.

It seems that I'm going in order of importance, one thing that I always take with me is some hayfever tablets because normally I have them as soon as I wake up and since prom was in the evening at a barn, I was worried that my eyes may tear up and become a snotty mess. Nobody likes being a snotty mes- unless you're a baby which can be considered 'cute'.

Lastly in my clutch is some makeup that I may need during the night. I decided to put my Mac studio perfect foundation to keep the shine off my face and my new Soap & glory Sexy Motherpucker in Rapunzel. It's a gorgeous glossy pink plum colour and smells just like cupcakes which makes me want to eat it everytime I apply it.

Are you the type of person who likes a neat organised purse or  the type of person who stuffs everything and anything into your handbag?

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