What I really thought about prom

This short post will tell you about my experience at prom and what I really thought about it.

Prom is an event which will cloud the thoughts of a majority of students who are graduating. It commemorates the end and also new beginnings. Behind the facade of glamour and extravagant dresses it truly is a bittersweet event.

The location where I had my prom was breathtaking. The prom committee decided that the location would be very photographic therefore we had our prom at a barn, It looked like one of Taylor Swifts' music sets.

Getting ready- An Olympic Sport?

How long does it take you to get ready for a special event? Months, weeks, hours or just a matter of minutes. If you are one of the few who get's ready in minutes, you deserve a big pat on the back.

Foreign yet familiar faces surround me. Everybody looked like princesses. You can clearly see how much effort everybody has made to make sure they looked and feel great in what they were wearing.

The varying colours of dresses were amazing. The different shades of purples and blues made it seem like I was part of a carnival.

You don't need to pile on loads of makeup to make yourself look good. Smiles are the best makeup of all. So embrace those teeth.

Here are a few of my friends who I had the pleasure to take photos with. At this point I can say some are becoming blog regulars.

Do not mess with my food
Upon reflection I do think the tickets were a tad expensive- approximately the tickets were around £35 per head. That night after my prom I slept over my friends and I could hear a distant rumble when I started this at 6 am in the morning. Sucks to be the first one to wake up. The location promised a buffet, did we get a buffet?  A measly selection of food. Clearly, they have the wrong definition of 'buffet' cause it was a pathetic buffet.

If you go to a fancy event, please eat before you go, by no means do I mean that you should have a massive feast like a bear right before a hibernation but a fulfilling meal.

Take photos early 
I know people might think that you are a bit annoying when you keep hounding them for photos but it's really worth it.

The dark lighting is not as flattering as the natural light and the shadows casted can draw away from the picture. Also I assume very few people want to look back at photos and see that you're a sweaty mess from dancing.

Instead of having hundreds of selfies, it's nice to have a few full length photos. I'm sure if you ask anybody they would be understanding and help you take it, if needed you can also return the favour.

What was your experience of  prom or any fancy events that you have been to?

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