Dear Series | An Introduction

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Happy Friday!

This is a short post to introduce you to a new series which I will occasionally be write about which is the 'Dear' series.

To tell you where this idea had come from, I would say I got inspired by the author Jenny Han who writes captivating books like the 'summer' series, despite reading it years ago, it still remains as one of my favourite books. I would definitely recommend this anyone who is looking for a good summer romance where the author makes you fall in love effortlessly as well as any of her other books as her writing does not disappoint.

However, to be specifically clear where the inspiration sparked its the 2 book series 'To All The Boys I Loved Before'. The idea of writing letters to people, recording all your thoughts and feelings where things may have been left unsaid attracted me to it and here I am, writing this post lol.

As a person, I wouldn't say I'm vocal about my feelings and thoughts but since writing this blog, I've started to realise that I enjoy expressing myself through the medium of words moreover than voicing my own as I feel awkward and embarrassed. Hopefully through this series I would be able to convey my inner thoughts which clouds my mind at night and write some letters to them.

I hope you enjoyed my little introduction to this series and I'm looking forward to writing these letters in the future:)

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