Life Update #1 | Work, work, work...

The plague of exams are spreading and there are countless victims of teens and young adults trying to cram as much information into their brain possible and trying not to combust whilst inhaling caffeine like there's no tomorrow. 

Over the last few months I've pushed blogging to the back of my mind as the onslaught of exams are coming at full force and sadly, I'm not immune to them. As a result, I've been spending a lot of time procrastinating revising in hopes that I would have a longer memory span than a goldfish. 

If you know me in person, I probably moan about exams all day, everyday but contrary to that, I actually really enjoy school. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair in a classroom whilst listening to the teacher sprout out information that I would probably forget as soon as I walk out the room brings me a sense of peace. The same routine, the same people, the same grafittied desk with 'suck my ass' inscribed with rushed handwriting is strangely comforting. 

The past 2 weeks, I've done multiple mock exams for my subjects- Maths, English Language & Literature, Geography and Business Studies. When I got my mock results for maths and saw the massive letter scribbled on the top of my paper, let's say being disappointed would be an understatement of what I was feeling. I would say I was conflicted. On one hand I got a U on a past paper when the actual exam is in just over 2 weeks and on the otherhand, I'm proud of myself for trying. I would say there's always room for improvement however, realistically there isn't much time and I begin questioning- Was I slacking too much? Am I not working hard enough? I guess time will tell when I enter the actual exam. 

Moving onto happier things in life, my squad has arranged a mini trip to Brighton to spend a few days for a post-exam treat in June. I am excited to have a few stress free days and hopefully, the weather would be nice to us that week. I can literally picture myself sitting on the beach, having a mini picnic whilst watching the sunset caress the horizon with the dull swash of water in the background- sounds like something from a movie haha. I'll definitely write a little travel blog post about it!

Well, it seems like I'm at the end of my first life update... I hope you enjoyed reading about my life and my whereabouts when I go MIA on the internet. 

Have you got any plans for the summer? Hope you have a lovely day:)

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  1. How nice with a little summary! Being a student always means that spring is busy and stressful. I hope you'll ace your exam!
    Brighton sounds lovely - I'm actually also planning a trip there this summer, as it seems like such a cute and colourful place!
    Happy Friday!

    Synne /