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Korean skincare is taking over the world like a storm and I thought what better way to start of my korean inspired skincare routine than introducing the holy essence. It's no secret that I'm a massive fan of korean dramas and kpop, I'm always left in wonderment when their skin looks so damn perfect- glowy, smooth, small pores, plump af. Have you seen Song Joong-Ki's youthful glowing skin! ( Sorry if you don't watch korean dramas but, I strongly suggest you do, as they are my undoing)

What is it?

If essences are a completely foreign concept in your skincare routine then here is my basic definition of it.

An essence is a hybrid between a serum and a toner. It is advised to apply after cleansing and before moisturiser acting like a base layer (primer) for the moisturiser and encourage better absorption of any treatments applied later on.

I currently use the Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion. On the back of the bottle it claims-

This vitality essence infuses skin with hydration, radiance, life. Plumps skin to soften and comfort. Renews texture and luminosity. Nourishing formula for drier skins is enriched with soothers and free of alcohol to help prevent irritation that can lead to darkening.

I personally have combination skin therefore some area of my face are oily and others as dry as stale crackers. My skin has sadly lacked it's natural glow and has a rough texture due to spot treatments therefore it's an understatement when I say my skin needs some desperate tlc.

I've been using this for several months and this magical liquid is disappearing with each use and it's making me panic. As a result, I went to a Clinique counter looking for a replacement and I found out that they don't stock this in the UK counters and I think I had a major internal freak out moment. In the meantime, I'm savouring each drop so that when I go to Hong Kong I'm repurchasing but I thought I should make a review before the essence of my skincare is completely gone.

To apply this essence, I use my bare hands so that less product is lost as well as it's easier to apply as the liquid would be absorb better into the skin. Clinique has designed the bottle so it has a nozzle which helps distribute the product nicely. The bottle recommends poring out 2.5cm of liquid and realistically, I wouldn't be whipping out my ruler to measure each use therefore 2.5cm is like a 2p coin of liquid. Cue the infamous patting sound that all Korean skincare adverts use and gently pat the essence into the skin, concentrating in the centre (large pores) and moving outwards. I do this for approximately 1-2 minutes because it improves the blood circulation on the face which will help deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin

The product itself is a lightweight watery gel-like liquid and once applied onto the face, the liquid is instantly absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling instantly refreshed. It's not sticky or tacky therefore it's comfortable applied onto the skin and you can feel all the goodness seeping into the skin.

At first, I was skeptical about this product. I mean, adding an extra step into the skincare routine seems tedious but I was curious to why Korean's swear by essences. After a few days of using it, I could definitely see the difference. The texture of my face felt smoother, all my massive pores seemed smaller and the overall skin tone had improved. This made my foundation applied more seamlessly and when I don't wear makeup, some people had complimented on how my skin has improved. I was so pleased with the results that I completely understand why people swear by this and it's fitting name of being called an Essence as it's currently the essence of my skincare.

The only downfall that I have is it's availability but as of lately, high street brands like Body Shop and B. (Superdrug) has released some new essences so I might need to check them out when my bottle completely runs out.  I can't wait till Clinique decides to launch essences in the UK and I'll be the first person lining up to buy the first bottle haha

It's impressive how an extra step incorporated into the skincare routine could improve so much! I can definitely say that essences would be staying in my skin care routine for many years to come.

Have you already joined the essence squad or would you like to join?

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