#Project Pan

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Ohh my unfaithful heart, let's start your journey of makeup celibacy.

This year I thought it would be great idea to give some of my forgotten products in my drawers as well as my purse some love that they deserve. Even though I don't really wear too much makeup, just the staple winged liner on a daily basis. I've seem to have accumulated quite the abundance of makeup since I just hoard more and more makeup that I don't even need. As soon as I'm near a makeup stand my eyes become glazed and I am literally possessed with the need for makeup and before I know it, I've already at the checkout handing my money over.

You may be thinking about the rules of this project, Let me tell you, there are none. The guideline is to aim to finish/hit pan on a product. This will hopefully save you money and helps you use things up.

Soap and glory, bronzer, benefit, blush, maybelline, powder
 Solar Powder Bronzer- Soap and Glory
I used to use this bronzer religiously that I even hit pan on the bronzer side but along came Benefit Hoola Bronzer and it said it's goodbyes. I really want to finish this bronzer so that I can use my Hoola Bronzer without the guilt that I have about neglecting this one.

Dandelion Blush -Benefit (mini sample)
I rarely ever use blush. Even when I apply the tiniest bit I always feel like I'm parading around like a clown. My usual makeup routine normally just consist of foundation and powder. This creates a very basic base and more often than not, I mix my foundations to hopefully get the perfect shade however, more often than not, I always mix it too light for my skin. Being the lazy person that I am I just sometimes think fuck it and go along with it. But when I do need to bring some life back into my cheeks, I normally give a light swipe of this. 

 Fit Me Powder- Maybelline
Powder, powder, powder. I've got a horrendous problem of hoarding powder and despite how many times I use it, there isn't even a slightest indentation in some of my powders. It actually makes me kind of sad.

No7, eyeshadow, soap and glory, eyeliner, smoulder kohl

No7 Eyeshadow in Wheatsheaf
Recently I've been incorporating eyeshadow into my makeup routine to help my wing liner really pop! This champagne colour looks lovely on the lids as it gives a slight shimmer that brightens your eyes. It's definitely a staple however lately, I've been using cooper and warm brown shades for autumn/winter.

 Smoulder Kohl in Black and BrownSoap & Glory
As I've said, my makeup staple which really completes my look is jet black winged liner. When I was sorting through my makeup bag, I saw these pencil liners lying sadly at the bottom of my bag- forgotten and neglected. I think it's time to spice up my liners with some of these buttery kohl liners which look fantastic when they are slightly smudged.

Maxfactor, facefinity foundation, benefit, primer,

 Facefinity Flawless 3 in 1 foundation-Maxfactor
Let's be honest, I don't get how some people keep their makeup in pristine condition. It actually evokes some type of respect when I see makeup in immaculate condition because no matter how much I scrub and clean them they always turn into a smeared mess which you may have seen on some of my pictures above.

'That Gal' & 'Porefessional'-Benefit (Mini Samples)
I'm all new to this primer thing. If I feel bothered enough and want to go an extra mile with my makeup that day, I would slather some primer onto my skin. I love how the foundation and primer blends seamlessly together to make a flawless base. 'That Gal' gives a more luminous base as it is a pink cream whereas 'Porefessional' is a skin-toned silicone gel which aims to provide a smooth flawless base. It's my absolute dream to have a flawless base therefore it's only logical that I use it more.

lip balm, shiseido
 Lip Conditioner- Shiseido
 I am no stranger to dry flaky lips. To eradicate this I've been hoarding numerous sticks and tins of lip balms that I can find lip balms in every corner of my house but sadly, I'm too lazy to apply lip balm frequently. If I have an aim to finish a lip balm then hopefully, my lips will give a little sigh of relief when they're actually soft and moisturised. 

Lady Gaga, perfume,
Lady Gaga Fame Perfume
I've becoming lazy to putting any perfume on. I used to spray some sort of scent on everyday with an obligatory shimmy dance through the mist however, it's come to the point where I have to debate about whether I'm actually bothered to spray a little scent-I'm a slob. For the colder months, I really enjoy wearing this scent as it has a musky yet refreshing floral scent partnered with a black liquid it's very eye catching and unique like Lady Gaga herself. 

Happy 2016 and have you set any goals for the year coming ahead? 


  1. I love the Benefit products, the packaging is so nice.
    I do the same thing, I buy so many things I don't need! It's an addiction. :)

    Sally x

    1. Benefit is such a lovely brand. I would honestly try anything and everything made by them.

      Carmen x