REVIEW: Vera Wang Lovestruck Eau de Parfum

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This perfume has swept me up into the whirlwind of hypnotizing scent and you can officially call me lovestrucked with this perfume. I've been wearing this scent daily and I look forward to doing the obligatory shimmy through the mist.

A few months ago I had bought this perfume while it was on special offer in Superdrug around £25-30 which is an absolute bargain for a 100ml bottle. You can also buy it on Amazon at a cheaper price of £24.99 but I've read some reviews that the seller may be unreliable therefore you should buy with caution.

Packaging 7/10
Scent 8.5/10
Longevity 7/10

This flamboyant packaging is what had initially caught my eye. It's so extravagant and beautiful with the magenta colour scheme. The flowers and the netting on the cap is reminiscent of a bridal bouquet which is appropriate as the name is 'lovestruck'. To put it simply, I fell in love with how beautiful the bottle looked.

The heavy glass packaging further makes it feel more luxurious and looks lovely on a vanity however, it does makes the perfume feel like it weighs a tonne and I would definitely not recommend bringing it whilst travelling. If you do want to take this lovely scent out and about, I recommend getting those travel perfume atomizers.

Its main notes are pink guava and mandarin with hints of tuberose and lotus blossom. This was shocking as I wouldn't have imagined that the combination of pink guava and mandarin would create such a musky scent.At first when you spray it on it may have a fairly strong alcohol smell but let me assure you that it quickly dissipates. It creates a flowery and feminine scent with a musky undertone which isn't too overpowering as it does not burn people's nose within the proximity of you putting it on.

The scent is relatively long lasting. I had worn this to work (takeaway) one evening and a customer had complimented me on the smell of my perfume. It's very rare that a customer would say anything about perfume scent because the smell of oil slicked food and chow mein attaches itself onto all of my clothing therefore it was a massive surprise when they mentioned it.

If you're curious about this scent you should pop into your local Superdrug because they nearly always have this scent in their perfume stands and give it a little spritz to see whether you like it or not.

I would love to know if you have any perfumes that you just keep coming back to or your signature scent?

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