2015 in Review

I'm truly amazed how quick a year just goes past. At the start, it always feels like a year was more like a 100 years but suddenly, you're in December and you're like fuck... where did the year go.
Here some 'Moments' of 2015:

Getting 10As and a B in GCSEs
This is probably the most significant thing that had happened this year. Throwing a disclaimer out there that by no means am I bragging about my results but I really think it has been the highlight of my year.

I'm the type of person who tries to avoid the problem(s) until they actually arise therefore when all my exams finished I just threw everything to do with GCSEs to the back of mind, hoping that it will never come back. On the day of results, all I felt was dread. Dread, that I wouldn't pass any of my exams, dread that I wouldn't get into sixth form, dread that my parents will be disappointed. I was tempted to keep the brown envelope of fate, sealed forever but I knew it had to be opened. As I scanned the sheet, I was left speechless. The column of A's which glared against the stark white paper was something beyond my imagination as all my predicted grades were a B. Immediately I was in denial, thinking did I pick up the wrong envelope but when the thought finally settled in, I was elated, joyous, on top of the world.

Helping the community
When I reflect on my summer, I sometimes question whether that girl really was me.
Doing some charity work is a great way to give back to the people who makes the community what they are today, helping those less fortunate than us and trying to improve lives. For 4 weeks of my summer I had the chance to give back to the community through NCS (NCS Diary) and it really made me happy that I was able to help charities and my own town.

I would definitely like to do something like NCS again but sadly, you can only do NCS once.

Books & Blogging 
In 2015, I started blogging as well as writing more book reviews on goodreads for authors. Over time, I've realised that I really enjoy doing these things. It's a creative outlet and something that I'm passionate about as I'm writing about things I love. Through my reviews and blog posts, I am able to reflect how I felt at that time, in that particular moment and it brings me a sense of joy that I am able to recollect my feelings and memories online.

Drinks and Parties? Not too bothered. 
When you ask some of friends what they are doing at the weekend, I assure you that 95% of the time they would say partying. I don't know why at my age there has been an infatuation with alcohol,it has become the life of the party. I drink it but I'm impartial to it as it doesn't affect me much. Does this make me an outcast?

I really enjoy a good party and gathering but I just feel so drained afterwards. The day after the party or gathering, you would most likely find me in my bed recuperating after the ordeal. So sometimes, maybe it's better to say nah to a party or a drink and just let yourself have a night in.

2015 has been a memorable year, it's a year that I would look back fondly upon and just smile at the good memories and friends that I have created over the 12 months. 

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