10 things I learnt in Secondary School

Last day// 2010-15

Tearful goodbyes, bittersweet smiles and hope. 

Time flies when you're in school. Sitting in the leavers assembly and watching videos consisting of endearing, embarrassing and eventful moments over the past 5 years really struck home that this road is finally ending and the next step dictates where your life is going. 

I remember hesitantly going into the daunting hall, not knowing anyone and nervous as hell because you're in a 'big girl school' and everything is going to be spectacular like 'High School Musical' but sadly, there wasn't any spontaneous dance routines and singing in the canteen nor did I meet anyone named Zeke who wanted to make the perfect Creme Brulee but I did meet some amazing people who have grown to become wonderful young ladies and many would say 'Thank god for puberty.'

1. They're still friends- It doesn't matter if you have one friend or a dozen.   
2. Embrace new things- Don't be afraid to join new clubs and try new things. 
3. Basics- Work hard, play hard. 
4. Don't worryFailing is not the end of your world. Just try harder next time. 
5. Appreciate your teachers- I sometimes feel they are a bit underrated but they are essentially the core of your time in education.
6. You get what you deserve- Late minute revision sessions are not always ideal.
7.Truth is..- You are not the shit in year 9
8. Everybody talksThere will always be rumours 
9. Truth is..- School lunches are the bomb diggity 
10. Words to live by-Do everything 110%

What are some things you have learnt in those 5 years? 

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