8 Things Hannah Montana has taught me

This post is dedicated to one my favourite Disney Channel show which has truly captured my heart. After religiously watching 98 episodes, 1 movie and listening to the 'Best of Both Worlds' CD, I would have hoped that I have learnt a few useful lessons than just quoting random lines in my daily life where I quickly scan if anybody got my reference.

1) It's always appropriate to break out the funky chicken dance whenever the time feels right. I mean, it's so much cooler than the sprinkler dance. 

2) You only need a few best friends who will make you happy. Even if Amber and Ashley are teasing you,just know that they will be there to make sassy comments back at them.

 3) There are days where you want to be a complete slob and just stay in bed. Treat yourself and just do it.

4) You're selfie game doesn't always need to be strong. Even if you're a worldwide superstar.

5) Appreciate everything. It doesn't matter whether you get an ugly cat sweater or a paperclip- just work it like Miley and Oliver.

6) Sometimes, girls talk absolute shit and we need to learn that all the babble that comes out doesn't truly represent what some want to say.

7) It's ok to make mistakes, learn from it and move forward.

        8) Don't be scared of the future. We all eventually grow up-some faster than others but it doesn't change who we are. 

What are some of your favourite Disney Channel shows and movies?

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