Soap and Glory// Brand Focus + Swatches

I'm sure we're all familiar with the rising brand known for it's cute package and it's undeniably good products ranging from skincare to makeup. Here are some products that I own from when I took advantage of the 3 for 2 deals in Boots.

The signature Soap and Glory scent can be smelt everywhere in my school, mostly in the form of hand creams. If you ask for some hand cream there is an 85% chance it's going to be 'Soap & Glory Hand Food'- a good reason too. It moisturising, not sticky and they come in a range of sizes making it suitable to be dotted around the house and easily popped into your handbags.

I will probably hear some screams when I say that I dislike the 'classic' 'Soap & Glory' scent. Maybe it's too flowery, maybe I've just become sick of this scent. I'm not saying it's horrible, it's just not right for me. So currently, my favourite 'Soap & Glory' scent can be found in Foam Call Body Wash it's called 'Fruitigo Fragance'- frozen yuzu, orange oil, green fig and jungle pomelo essence. Some say it has a 'masculine scent' and I would totally agree. It has a powerful refreshing scent which lingers on your skin after the shower and I'm looking forward to the day when I will finally finish 'The Righteous Body Lotion' to buy 'Butter Yourself lotion'

One of these 500ml bottles would last you ages, so I am looking forward to the day I finally finish this lotion. Nowadays I'm not particularly fond of the scent but previously I adored this pleasant subtle flowery scent and wished to smell like this 24/7 because I can imagine myself prancing in a field full of flowers. 'The Righteous Body Lotion'  moisturises and keeps your skin hydrated.

              L- Swatched once.// After Waterproof eye makeup remover  

The 'Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl' liners are a absolute steal. For £5 each I don't think you could go wrong with this creamy smooth wateproof liner which comes in 2 shades from top-Cocoa Bean & Superblack. It has extremely long staying power and would be perfect for those of you who have watery eyes.

I have not tried many of their makeup items but the few that I have tried are spectacular. I've hit pan on my beloved 'Soap & Glory Solar Powder' after using it nearly everyday in hopes to give me that sun kissed look. I mostly use the matte side for contouring and occasionally I'll use the shimmery highlight as a wash of eyeshadow instead of it's intended use.
Multi-tasking products for the win!

What are your favourite 'Soap & Glory' products and what would you recommend?

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  1. I've heard so many good things about the Solar bronzer, I really wanna check it out! And I've been on the hunt for a new hand cream (my skin is super super dry!) so maybe Hand Food is the one for me :) Thanks for sharing lovely, x Krista

    I'd love it if you'd take a look at my blog if you have the time! xo | bloglovin’: Love, Krista