My Old Friend Nostalgia

    Nostalgia. It's a funny thing.

Little Year 4 me at Cuffley Camp 
It's a sensation that many have felt before. It's a tricky little thing, isn't it? Anything can trigger a sudden memory-objects, words, places and more. The thing that really fascinates me is that each individual would have a different trigger and memory. Some good, some bad.

Recently I was tagged by somebody on Facebook showing the picture above, it brought back so many 'first' memories. First trip away from home, first time going camping, first time exploring the woods, collapsing tents, camp duties, disgusting showers and the last trip as a class before going to our wide scary futures in middle school...It is a dear memory that I hold, and wish to hold for the many years to come.

You sometimes get overwhelmed with a sudden rush through your body, and then the memories start to flood your vision. Momentarily, leaving you speechless. One moment i'm watching a thrilling episode of Teen Wolf and the next, I remember being starstruck and speechless when I met Arden Cho at Comic Con.

Whereas some memories will leave you cringing for eternity like embarrassing statuses which float around on your Facebook profile from years ago. Well, unfortunately I am frequent victim for these cringe-worthy statuses and it get's you thinking -Did I type that? Is that me or my long lost evil twin?

5 years ago my social life ended because my MSN had gone funny-99 problems. 
The confusing thing regarding theses statuses and photos is 'Do I delete them?' and i'm screaming through your computer 'NO!!!' Why would you want to delete these gems of your youth, they may want to make you scream but let's be honest-you kind of like them.  

What are some fond or embarrassing memories that you have?

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