Study Saviours

The ominous exams are quickly approaching and let's be honest, we need every little bit of help we can get. So here are some simple tips which may help you ace your exams. Good luck!  

Highlighters are a student's best friends

Hopefully you sang the sub-heading in the same tune as 'Diamonds are a girls' best friend' If you didn't, what you waiting for? 

Nowadays, highlighters are such an underrated unloved piece of stationary. You got to give it some love! If you highlight important keywords and definitions your brain is more likely to absorb the important information hidden in the masses of text thrown at your face.  
Don't go crazy highlighting everything like the 'I love colouring kid'; do highlight in different colours and create a code.   

Study buddy or nah

We need to be really honest with ourselves on the subject of having a study buddy. There is one crucial question that you need to ask yourself which 'Will you actually study?'

There are many advantages of having a study buddy like having company to get you through these torturous sessions, asking questions when one may not fully understand, encouraging words and your breaks will not be as boring. Some disadvantages of this method is that sometimes, your friend is not the best person for this job and you just can't shut up leading you to distract each other. So choose wisely.
Don't start chatting about irrelevent things like what you're doing this weekend; do focus on revising and encourage each other. 

Flash cards 

I know, I know, we are living in a modern society therefore I should use a flashcard app but I refuse.

Flash cards are very versatile and portable. This means you can slip a couple of them into your handbag and read them while you are waiting for a train, eating and any other situation where you may find yourself with nothing to do instead of playing Crossy Roads.
Don't write paragraphs of text onto them; do write key information and make them colourful.

Post it, post it, post it! 

Post it notes are the bomb! Who would have thought an invention of sticky paper would be so good.
Stick them on your windows, your mirrors, your fridge, your cupboard, everywhere! Write facts and revision notes onto some brightly coloured post its and every time you walk past it, you read it and hopefully, it will be ingrained into your head like cement. When your exams have finally finished- hooray! you get to rip these suckers of your furniture and let me tell you, this is more satisfying than popping bubble wrap.
Don't write pointless things for the sake of sticking it up; do put them in places where you are likely to see it. 

Last little message for you is to keep calm, have fun and stay healthy. Hope all your exams go splendidly and you should now go to revise :)

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  1. Flash cards were what got me through uni! I couldn't have lived without them!
    Jennie Emma