4 years of Teen Wolf

Season 1 feels like yesterday.
What a roller coaster that we have been on. I want to give you all of you congratulatory hug for surviving these past 4 years and I hope that many of you stay sane for the upcoming season premiere on 29th June.

Do not let the name 'Teen Wolf' fool you. Common misconception is that the show just follows a teen who get turned into a wolf.  Oh no, how very very wrong that statement is. Every character, every moment, every smile is precious on Teen Wolf. Each scene is masterfully created and weaved action, thriller, comedy and romance into the story line that it captures your interest as well as your heart until you are a jittering mess when you wait for the next episode. The show has turned into a spectacular thing that everyone should be proud of.

One thing that I do love about this show is character development. As the characters grow and mature through their experiences from being a typical teen to fighting a Nogitsune- A void Kitsune that draws power from strife, chaos and pain. We start to invest and identify with a few of them. This can be a great thing...but also a bad thing.

Over the 4 seasons we've seen so many actors and actresses come and  go that sometimes, I'm almost frightened to invest myself in them because I don't want anything bad to happen- does this sound a bit irrational to you?

After spending endless hours deciding 4 scenes for 4 years of Teen Wolf , I have finally decided on these iconic moments.
Couldn't have felt happier for Stiles. His and the Stydia fandom's dreams were coming true. Dance your heart away, lover boy.   

Motel California is undoubtedly one of the best episodes to see the test of friendship and love.

Season 3B was definitely my favourite season. Dylan really shone throughout this with his outstanding acting while he was playing void Stiles.

If you didn't know The River Thames is made up of my tears that I had shed over this scene.
My heart was tore when I saw this unexpected scene. I could feel myself getting sadder and sadder with every breath she took-until she could take no more. 

If you have not watched Teen Wolf- what are you doing? What are some of you favourite scenes? 

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