With the last of my GCSE exams coming to an end I thought I would make a summer checklist to make my extended summer holiday a fun and productive one. I have also signed myself up for the NCS programme which is going to take up 4 weeks of the holidays and I am so freaking excited!
So here is the list of things that I attempt to do:

1) Finish Beyond 2 Souls
2) Become a Vegetarian for 1 week 
3) Do a DIY  (22/06/15)
4) Draw and colour a picture
5) The BIG cleanup
6) Go on a bike ride
7) Plant (12/06/15) and harvest vegetables
8) Rewatch the entire 4 seasons of Teen Wolf
9) Read some classics
10) Donate clothes to charity
11) Keep Healthy
12) Spend a day in Cambridge 
13) Bake a cake  (19/06/15)
14) Go for a picnic
15) Finger Paint
16) Write a few chapters of a book
17) Make a pizza
18)Watch something in the cinema
19) Do some charity work
20) Go bowling
21)Improve photography
22) Read all unread books on my shelf
23) Pick berries in a farm
24) Do something adventurous 
25) Have fun!

Once I have completed a task I will cross it off  my list and I will do updates on how my summer is going along with some pictures :)

What are some of your goals/ plans for the summer? 

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