I've finally started my Summer Holiday and to my surprise I have been fairly productive. Setting the alarm for 8:00 AM can be torturous but  I can assure you that at the end of the day you would be amazed by how much you have accomplished. So here is a round up of what I have checked off my summer checklist here.

Well, one thing I learned from my baking crisis is that I am not going to be Marry Berry's successor.

Despite my parents both being chefs, I cannot cook, bake or fry a thing. Even when I follow the recipe exactly, it still turns out to be a big burnt cake of disappointment.
The only positive thing about baking is that it fills the house with a warm vanilla aroma which give the illusions that I'm actually a baking goddess.

I followed this particular recipe which had sour cream to create a moist sponge- when it mentioned 'sour cream' I knew I should of stayed away. Even if I wanted a moist sponge there was no need for the masses of liquids that the recipe acquired.  

One of my many faults is that I do not plan ahead. As I went scavenging for some Vanilla essence, you can imagine my shock that it ran out. How do we make a vanilla cake when there is no vanilla essence? You don't. This is where improvisation helped...well kind of. Thank the heavens for the gift of coffee, it couldn't do any more harm to this cake than I already have so in it goes. Considering the bizarre recipe and the difficulties faced with baking a simple vanilla sponge, I guess it can be considered decent.  

I am so so so pleased with how this turned out. The glistening sequins, bold colours and the striking image really made this worth spending time on.

It was a DIY gift given to me by a family friend a few Christmases ago because they knew I loved art. I was deciding what to do for my DIY project therefore I looked on Pinterest, Tumblr and Youtube nothing inspired me to do any projects. As I was going through my drawers for the big cleanup I found this piece of work and was determined to finish it.

When I opened the box I saw that it was 70% finished therefore I only needed to pin a few of the sequins on. So there I sat with my windows opens. blasting out my new found love for Korean music. It was pure bliss.

If you have time I would definitely recommend doing a DIY. The sense of accomplishment that follows the completion of your project is exhilarating. It's also nice to get creative and have a little 'me' time.

Is there anything you would recommend to do in the Summer? 

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